There is a lot of attention on the subject of love during this month.  I don’t know about you but I am acutely aware of how alone and uncomfortable so many are right now. Instead of feeling love or loved, they are concerned and scared.  I have noticed an upsurge in the angst of my clients. I am supporting them in discovering new ways and perspectives to handle challenges. In one of my recent Mastery Moments on Facebook Live (I do these on Mondays), I spoke about the Season for Nonviolence.  It began in 1998 when Arun (grandson of Mahatma Ghandi), Sunanda Ghandi and the Leadership of The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) founded this annual experience.  The Season marks 64 days between the anniversaries of the deaths of Ghandi on January 30 and Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4.

I am sharing this because they created 64 practices to assist us in BEING THE CHANGE we want to see in the world.  I am going to include seven (7) in this newsletter in hopes that it will support you in bringing more love and peace into your life.  Try them and see what happens.

 APPRECIATION – Can you be thankful for what you have and honor the life that you are living?  To appreciate anyone or anything opens the doorway to healing.

RESPECT – How about “listening” with an open mind and hearing what is underneath people’s words? Give the person space to speak without interruption. Remember: We all want to love and be loved.

SELF- FORGIVENESS – Can you let go of the judgments of yourself, release the past and choose to do things differently going forward?

ACCOUNTABILITY – Are you impeccable with your word to yourself and others?  Place your full attention on following through with your agreements.

COOPERATION – Think of 3 people in your life that you want to enter into full collaboration with in the next month.  Don’t tell them what you are doing. Just show up fully and make a difference.

HARMONY – What are the areas in your life that you can bring more harmony?  Is it a kind word? An acknowledgment? An act of generosity?  Spend one day focused on the intention of bringing harmony to your home life and work.

MASTERY –What are you thinking and is it beneficial to you and others? Is it possible that shifting your consciousness and behavior could be a game changer?

I know we are the ones we are waiting for and are the change-makers on this planet. Know that you are loved, important and in my heart.

Love and light,