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Individuals – Couples – Group

I offer coaching and counseling services to individuals, couples, and groups who are searching for self-empowerment to change their lives.

Counseling to meet the needs of the client is the priority.  Self-empowerment for individuals and couples is supported as they gain clarity in their life choices, businesses, and relationships. Groups are designed for short periods of time to address topics for empowered living and expansion.


Coaching helps people change in their professional and personal life choices.  Coaching helps the client move from intellectual understanding to practical means of creating a fulfilled life. My programs are designed and customized to assist each client in reaching their goals, moving through transitions and changing the trajectory of their lives. My training and individual coaching platforms assist in awakening the human spirit to healthy living in mind, body, and soul.


My emotional integrative techniques assist teach people how to activate the power of choice.  They change their thought patterns and behaviors to create balance personally and professionally. My clients learn tools that when they leave, they are more self-aware, confident, empowered and clear.  They awaken to the inherent power within themselves knowing they can make a difference in the world.


One-On-One Sessions

  • Through the use of scientific and integrative modalities clients are guided to activate their full potential.
  • Clients learn to move from dreaming to creating.
  • Clients learn practical tools for better communication, business strategy and financial freedom.
  • Clients are awakened to the inherent power within themselves.


Individuals + Communities + Organizations

The 3-prong approach to integrative and healthy living was created to support clarity in thought, vision and action.  Clients are supported to achieve expansion as empowered individuals, engaged teams and organizational culture.


Inquiry is the act of asking for information.  In this stage we look at the current reality, behaviors and choices. Intentions for transformation are then established.  This is a time of powerful examination for setting a new course of action and expansion.


Introspection is the stage that activates and initiates observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, thoughts and feelings.  Mind/body processes support this internal reflection and unwanted and non-supportive actions are shifted.  New goals and strategies are brought into creation.


Integration is the desired end result of this work. Through the implementation of the processes in prior stages, balance is achieved in the areas of decision making, powerful leadership, financial mastery and successful communication. 



Speak at an Event - Facilitate a Workshop - Individual or Group Coaching