Fearlessly, Authentically You

I have been traveling quite a bit and supporting women as a speaker, facilitator, and a coach. One theme keeps popping up, and I want to explore it in this newsletter. Women keep sharing standing in their powerful feminine energy is challenging and often not respected. I recently did a Facebook live about the #metoo movement and what do we do next. I have not met many women in my lifetime that have not endured some gender or sexual harassment. Those experiences are like energetic sledge-hammers that chip away at our self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness. We begin to doubt our intuition and stop trusting our inner guidance systems.

I know this place of insecurity well. There are countless times in my life that I have tried to become invisible; pull my energy back or withhold my wisdom for fear of being judged or hurt. During those times I was often shocked that people kept telling me how powerful they saw me. I thought “I have fooled them and soon, they are going to find out the truth.”

Becoming authentically you is not for the faint of heart. It means taking a deep dive into those spaces within ourselves we would prefer to lock away and forget.

I recently began to look back at my life. I intend to once and for all put behind me any attachment I have to the past as a way of defining myself. My intention is to fearlessly and authentically put those experiences behind me. The objective of letting go is to create space for the new opportunities and gifts which await me.  I am 100% clear that is my time, our time, to shine.

I am a person that loves and needs structure. So, I created a process to help me move into my most powerful feminine energy and through this process gracefully. I will share it with you in hopes you can use it in your own life.  I have a particular notebook for this process. I also encourage you not to rush through this process.

  1. Write down the experiences which continue to haunt you and flood in as memories. Pay attention to those memories you thought you had handled.  They may come unexpectedly, and instantly catapult you into the past. This can take a while.  I find the best time to write this is part of my daily spiritual practice. It is a time when my consciousness is open, and information flows in.
  2. Now, go back and write down the challenges you have had letting these memories go.  (i.e., Feeling ashamed, feeling guilty, feeling angry, feeling judgmental). Don’t hold back.  You are doing this to release this energy once and for all.  The feelings are just energy, and they do not belong to you.
  3. Write down the growth opportunities. How did you grow?  What decisions did you make that supported healing?  How did you use what you learned to create a better life?
  4. Write apologies for the perceived mistakes. (I am sorry I was not more awake. I am sorry I didn’t take care of myself. I am sorry I couldn’t find my voice at that moment.)
  5. Now, give thanks for what you have learned.
  6. For each experience, write a love letter honoring your courage, strength, brilliance, and journey.
  7. You will keep these letters and burn the book only after you have gone through each experience.

I am currently in this process and can honestly say I am feeling lighter as I complete each step. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel uncertain at times. It simply means I am moving forward trusting I am being guided into the next iteration of my best life.  JOIN ME!

If you have dreamed of a more fulfilling, abundant life, I can help. I regularly connect with my community online.   I will be co-facilitating a zoom call for women on November 27.

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Much love and light,