Lately many of my clients have had some interesting relationship challenges.  Some are struggling with intimate partners and others with friends, colleagues or acquaintances. No matter who it is, misunderstanding and miscommunication are the words that keep emerging.

I often officiate weddings and invite the couples into heart-centered communication.  I have been sharing these techniques with my clients and thought I would offer them to you.

Communication is expressing oneself in a way that can be readily understood. Communication can be thought of in two ways. You can be the receiver of the information or the communicator.   Both spaces have important things to remember because communication occurs in the internal and the external expression. Words are not the only way we reveal our thoughts and feelings.  The body also communicates, loud and clear, where we are in any given moment.  In fact, we read a person’s energy before they speak.

For this moment, let’s focus on words.  When you speak, remember that you are talking to the spirit of the person you are addressing. Your words pierce the soul, and the energy behind them is sometimes more powerful than the words themselves. It is important to become centered, especially if you are feeling upset, and get clear about what you want to say.  Then, it is as important to say it with respect and honor.

When someone speaks to you, listen from the heart. What I mean is put your full attention on hearing from a space of realization that the spirit of that person is telling you something important.  You may not like what you are hearing, but it is a powerful tool to learn to listen with a willingness to catch the intention and the message of the one speaking.

Think about this.  What if we all were addressing each other with heart centered communication? What if our leaders, organizations and countries began to understand the power of this kind of communication?  There might be more peaceful interactions and collaboration.

I am not saying this is easy.  I strive everyday to communicate in a way that can be heard and to listen with a desire to honor the person speaking.  The real work is to stay in the heart when we feel sad, hurt, angry or deeply disappointed.   Remaining open in these situations allows us to build the muscle of compassion.

If you are feeling challenged communicating with anyone, try communicating from the heart.  You might find that connection with others will become easier.

Much love and light,