When I was a child, I felt everything. Mostly, I felt energy in the spaces I inhabited. I could feel people, their sadness, anger and disconnection. I would point out what I felt and saw freely. Of course, when you are young you do not understand the concept of “appropriate” things to share. It did not take long for me to learn my sharing was upsetting for people, occasionally bringing out vindictive or vengeful reactions. I was told that what I was seeing or feeling was inaccurate and wrong. I was even punished for being rude at times. It was in those moments that I began to doubt my feelings and inner knowing. I began to believe that I could not trust myself. which became manifested because I made choices from my mind instead of my heart and divine intelligence.

I have spent a lot of my life learning to accept that we all have an inner guidance system encoded in our being. It is connected to universal truth, loving, harmony and grace. It is also a clear indicator for us when things are out of alignment in our world. Many of us get these signals of discord, yet move away from that inner guidance. Often, it is because we hate conflict, don’t want to upset someone we love, are afraid of losing a job or a partnership, etc. Instead of voicing disharmony, we end up staying in constant and consistent dramatic occurrences and relationships. Our hearing of our inner guidance system is then dimmed and the cycle continues. One of the reasons I take people on pilgrimages is to support them in learning how to get still and connect to their powerful inner voice. I was recently asked by a client, “How can I learn to feel and trust my inner knowing?” This has been my observation:.

  1. Learn to connect to your body. If it is constricted on any level, pause and go into contemplation and inner exploration. It is trying to tell you something. Listen.
  2. If anyone tells you that you do not feel what you feel, it is time to take a deeper look at the relationship. Those that cannot listen to how you feel without judgment could be toxic for you. Your feelings may not be accurate but what you feel is real.
  3. Journal your feelings without editing. There is scientific evidence that journaling helps align the mind and up-level the immune system.
  4. When you feel out of alignment, get still and ask the universe to show you in “tangible” ways how to sense, feel and understand what is right for you on every level.
  5. Begin to notice whenever you have an insight and it proves to be correct. The more you see the more you will trust your instincts.
  6. Take time out or go on retreat/pilgrimage to get away from the current field of discontent.

What I want you to know is that you are safe and guided in every moment. There is, within you, a powerful tool called intuition. Become friends with it. It is often far more reliable than your mind whose job is to problem solve, not lead. Your inner knowing is tapped into a universal power source that is undeniable and will never lead you astray. I believe in you and stand with you as you learn to TRUST YOURSELF.

Love and light,