As I support clients through my business coaching I am often asked this question. “How do I live a purpose driven life?”  I immediately tell them “to live your dreams, you must reframe your disappointments, seeming failures and mistakes.  It is imperative to view every experience as an opportunity to reveal your greatness.”

I used to be so afraid of failure that I would stop myself from moving forward.  I would pull back my energy and sabotage amazing opportunities because I couldn’t bear the thought of being judged as wrong, stupid or incompetent.  In actuality, I didn’t think that it was safe to be visible.  I was terrified that I would be hurt or somehow punished if I became successful.  When I was a teenager, I remember wanting to be successful in different areas.  I joined clubs, became a cheerleader and secretary of my class.  The interesting thing is that I would always create a situation that was somehow challenging.  I would become upset and feel like a victim.  What I know now is that I believed that life was a struggle and so it was.  It took me many years in therapy, workshops and spiritual classes to become clear that my destiny was up to me.  How I dealt with the issue was the only issue.

Have you thought about the fact that every shift is about you?  In every moment, you have the opportunity to decide if a challenge is a block or an opportunity. How you perceive something is always the portal to manifestation.  That is why some people with seemingly less talent can be more successful than others.  These people have no investment in losing.  They are relentless in their desires to move forward and create powerful lives.  Every challenging situation is an opportunity to create something new.  They see a chance to forge a new path and refuse to think about failure. If you do not like the current circumstances of your life look at the choices that you have made and choose differently right now.  It does not have to take a long time.  It is just a refocusing of energy.

We are powerful beings.  Self-awareness is a necessity if you want to live a powerful life.  Getting real with you about your beliefs and behaviors is essential.  Not to judge yourself but to become conscious about how you speak and act in your life.  If you stumble, feel stuck or out of sync take a breath and proclaim, “this is a stepping stone to my greatness!”

Try this affirmative statement on for size and speak it for the next 30 days:

Today, I recognize that I am a powerful force in the universe.  I am daring to boldly manifest greatness in every area of my life. I give thanks for every situation and use my conscious awareness to reframe and redirect challenging experiences into Stepping Stones to a glorious and abundant life.  I am unstoppable. And so it is!

Much love and light,