Many people have asked my husband, Carl (a world-renowned photographer) and I to document our trips. We will now be sharing blogs from our travels with small narratives to invite you into the journeys. Our desire is that you get a feel for the amazing people and experiences that fill our lives.

Travel Blog #1 – Adventures in Africa 2017 – The Beginning

I have always loved travel and I now I live the life of my dreams. I travel the world on amazing adventures, take people on pilgrimages and am invited to bring my coaching around the world.

To my surprise, a friend Robin Finegan introduced me to Jamie “Imanzi” Van Leeuwen, PhD and Chief Executive Officer l Global Livingston Institute, and there was an instant connection. He invited me to speak at a women’s conference the institute hosts in Uganda and it was an instant yes. I re-arranged my calendar and Carl decided to join me.

After over 20 hours traveling we arrived in Kigali, Rwanda – a bustling city.

Jamie and team met us at the hotel. It was the Hôtel des Mille Collines (French pronunciation: [otɛl dɛ mil kɔlin]) is a large hotel. It became famous after 1,268 people took refuge inside the building during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. Many of you might know it from the movie Hotel Rwanda with Don Cheadle.

On our second day there we visited the genocide museum. Every year the 100 days of genocide are remembered – This was the 23rd year. KWIBUKA23 signs are everywhere (remember, unite, renew).

Inside the museum was mix of art, photography and narration. It was sobering and my heart broke that we continue to think that extermination of a group of people is an answer to any challenge. This country wants to remember to never go there again.

We gathered in small groups outside the museum to connect and just “be” together.

We then went to the church where 10,000 Tutsi’s were murdered. Many people care for this land as a place of remembrance and healing. I did a prayer for the souls there.

We were then invited to a factory run my two Rwandan sisters. They built this from nothing after the genocide. They manufacture baskets, clothes, and jewelry and employ many Rwandans. Their products are in hotels and restaurants throughout the city.

Then we all gathered in vans to make our way to Uganda. Lots of colorful people on the roads along the way.

(Next up: The Road to Entusi,,,)


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  1. Della Barbato July 15, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    I admire the life you lead, Cynthia. You get to heal women in your work and travel, two things that I know are in my future as well. Well, I have traveled for many years, 26 countries so far.

    I attended your *I Choose Me* workshop at Unity of Houston and it was a life changing experience for me. You truly inspired me.

    My first book will be published mid-September. I will contact with you to pick your brain for ideas, if you have an interest. Michael Gott is a good friend of mine and your name came up in a recent discussion about my book.

    My author website is coming soon. Below is my environmental education website. I had to enter something to post.

    Take care, Della

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