Many people have asked my husband, Carl (a world-renowned photographer) and I to document our trips. We will now be sharing blogs from our travels with small narratives to invite you into the journeys.

Travel Blog #2 – Africa 2017 – ROAD TO ENTUSI

A Purpose Driven Life is one in which an individual or group connects to a vision and works diligently to bring that dream/vision to life.

There is nothing joyous about being a van for hours.  However, driving to the border between Rwanda and Uganda was filled with beautiful landscapes and interesting locals traveling the roads in their day to day experiences.  We had plenty of snacks and being engaged in the sites kept us occupied.

Here is something interesting.  I was surprised at the difference in “energy” by crossing the border from Rwanda to Uganda.  When several of us mentioned the differences in the ways we felt we were told that both countries have different ways of operating and governing.  Imagine our surprise crossing the border and seeing a hamburger ad.

We arrived at a lake and were met by a bustling market.  Lots of people and loads of energy.

Jamie supported in getting into small motor boats.

We began to move across a lake with amazing views.  The lake was filled with people transporting items to and from villages. We all began to feel the excitement of what was to come.

We arrive at The Entusi Retreat Center and are awestruck by the beauty of the space and the amazing staff that met us.  Later Jamie would share how in his first visit here he knew that this had to be a place for retreat and support of the people of this beautiful land.  Carl and I exhaled as we prepared for the great adventure yet to come.

(Stay tuned for more amazing travel blogs as Carl and I head to Damanhur to lead an inward journey pilgrimage later this year.)