Many people have asked my husband, Carl (a world-renowned photographer) and I to document our trips. We will now be sharing blogs from our travels with small narratives to invite you into the journeys.

Travel Blog #3 – Africa 2017 – Entusi One Conference – The Gathering

The grounds of Entusi are incredible. We were met with beautiful singing and dancing and nurturing food prepared by the staff.




I loved leading early morning meditations by the lake. It was a powerful way to start the day.


Part of the gifts offered by the staff at Entusi is offering swimming lessons to neighboring village children.  This was done in support of lowering the number of children that drowned because they did not know how to swim.



Working with the group was so amazing.  I taught them a song and movement to open the body and receive the gifts being offered by presenters.


Each Ugandan woman presenting inspired the mind and the heart.  They do extraordinary work in their communities.




Dancing and playing together made the nights so fun!


The breathtaking views always left us with a sense of awe and wonder.


Next up: Entusi Two Outdoors

(Stay tuned for more amazing travel blogs as Carl and I head to Damanhur to lead an inward journey pilgrimage later this year.)