Well, to say there is a lot going on with people today is an understatement.  People are experiencing acceleration and unprecedented change.  Wars, mass migration and bitter elections are confronting us in extraordinary ways.  So much so that we feel confused, unsafe and untrusting.  My clients have come to me feeling distraught, anxious and weary.  I wish I could say that I feel totally balanced but that is not the truth.  I have had to dive deep into my  own thoughts and beliefs to find any kind of peace.   What I have uncovered within my clients and myself is that in moments like this it is hard to trust that we will survive.  I mean, where do we turn when families are dysfunctional and in conflict, wars are raging and our elected officials are suspect?  Who do we trust? Are we safe?

trustI have had to go back to my fundamental beliefs and that means looking at where I have come from and what I have come through.  How did I manifest the life I live today?  How did I come from extreme poverty and become educated and self-sufficient?  How did I move from unsafe and abusive environments to being married to a loving husband and having amazing children?  How did I escape the drugs, violence and criminal activities that many of my childhood family and friends succumb to?  The only answer that I can come up with is that something in the universe took care of me, guided me and nurtured me in ways that I could not understand.  Today, I call that grace.  So, in these challenging times I have had to look at the ways in which that grace worked for me and duplicate in my thoughts and behavioral choices.  Here are some things that might support you in your quest to trust and feel safe.

  1. MIRACULOUS UNFOLDINGS – In my most challenging times, someone or something, would occur seemingly out of nowhere (unexpected checks in the mail, a job when my bank account was almost empty, guidance from complete strangers that had to way of knowing what I needed)
  2. ENHANCED INTUITION – I would have a “hunch” and decide to follow it when it made no sense in the moment.
  3. DREAMING BIG – I wrote down dreams that seemed ridiculous and then, over time, watched them manifest.
  4. BOLD CHOICES – I decided to move away from negative people and influences and that created space for amazing people and opportunities to come to me in unexpected ways.
  5. TRUST WALKS – I was moved out of jobs and relationships that were challenging and even in the midst of my fear and doubt all of my needs were met.

These five things may not cover all that you have experienced but I can bet that many times in your life you cannot explain how you got rescued, supported or healed.  With that being the truth perhaps we could individually and collectively tap into this “field of possibility” that no matter what, we will be taken care of.  No matter what we will be guided.  No matter what something is conspiring for our health and safety. I, personally, am in the inquiry of trusting this unseen energy and invite you to join me. 

I have spoken many times about the fact that I believe we are here for a reason and that there are resources and incredible opportunities that do and will continue to guide and support our safety and well-being.  Will you join me in acts of TRUST?

Much love and light,