I was recently asked to speak at a conference on the Alchemy of Love.  The title intrigued me because most people think of alchemy as turning metals into gold.  So, the question in my mind became, “What does love have to do with alchemy?” As I researched my talk, it became clear to me that love and alchemic tools work together to create a transformation of energy.

Learning to love myself and express love energy in every area of my life has been quite a journey.  I have had to be willing to dive deep into my thoughts, behaviors, fears, familial dysfunctions and conditioning.  As I reflected, I became aware of steps that I have consistently taken to reveal and express more love. Those steps became an acronym that I want to share with you.


LISTEN – Connect to all of the senses.  Listen with your heart, your mind and your consciousness.  Listen with your body – it has a language.

OPEN – Open to an influx of light, knowledge and wisdom.  Open to a divine flow (giving and receiving) that can transform any experience into loving.

VALUE – What we value becomes the way we live. Are you clear about what you value? Are you in alignment with what you value?  Are you walking your talk?

EVOLVE – We are evolutionary beings.  We are manifestations of an ever-evolving universe.  Our resistance to evolution is what causes a slowing of spiritual alchemy.

There are many things that can threaten the realization of love.  I believe these things occur when we become apathetic, disengaged or disconnected in our lives.   Pause for a moment and take inventory of these three areas.


  1. Attachment to anyone or anything places dependence on worldly experience.  Holding on does not create space for transformation, healing or expansion.
  2. Jealousy is toxic. It is rooted in doubt that there is not enough and that God’s will does not support us fully.  It breeds distrust and manipulation.
  3. Claiming discord in the fields of Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies.  This is a sure fire way to create inharmonious relationships and experiences.

Please take some time to reflect on the information in this newsletter.  We all want to love and be loved but that cannot occur if we are unwilling to transform patterns of separation.  I believe we are all here to express love in every area of living. What if you knew you were an alchemist of LOVE?

Love and light,