Well, here we are in December and the rush is on for the holidays.  I live in Colorado and people are cutting down Christmas trees, decorating and shopping.  There is a lot of conversation in my family about what this holiday means to them. There is also a lot of stress with my clients around buying gifts and challenges with finances during this season.  I totally get that we want to show our loved ones how much they mean to us.  However, I don’t think a material gift has ever set my soul on fire.  The presents I remember the most are the ones that were sent from the heart.  Here a few examples:appreciate-yourself

  • My grandmother knitting me a comforter for my bed. I still have it.
  • A card my grandchildren made to tell me they love me. I treasure them to this day.
  • My husband making me my favorite breakfast. My heart smiles as I write this.
  • Hearing my mother tell me what I meant to her all of her life just before she died.

These may sound simple but they all have one thing in common.  They are come from the heart and are infused with love.

I believe that people want to “feel” loved and appreciated.  There is no amount of money that can create that feeling. There is no gift big enough to ignite a heart-felt connection.  How many times have you been overjoyed at receiving a gift and months later you have forgotten where it is?  That is because we/you are the gift.  Your authenticity, Your kindness, and Your thoughtfulness is what people desire and remember.

As you prepare for the holidays with family, friends and loved ones please consider that YOU are all they need.   Take some time to remind people how much they mean to you.  Here are few ways to jump-start your creativity:

  1. Write love notes to your children sharing your fondest memories of them.
  2. Create a vision board for your future with your beloved.
  3. Bake a cake and put love into every step.
  4. Write a poem of gratitude for your best friend.
  5. Create a note of things you are proud of during the year and send it to your friends.

Whatever you do, including giving gifts, do it with love, compassion and gratitude.  Your heart and generosity is all that is needed.

Have an incredible holiday season,