No OneWelcome to 2017.  I am excited about this year because it gives me the opportunity to create new adventures and forge new paths of self-discovery and self-care.

I traveled a lot in 2016 and had the privilege of speaking to women and men in corporations, spiritual communities and book signing events.  One of the things that kept coming forward in the sharing with people is how much they want to fulfill their destiny. They want to make a difference in this world.  So, there is good news.  Your destiny is waiting for you to CLAIM it!  What do I mean by that?  I mean, you can stop looking for it.  It lives within you. Why not step into this year completely available to receive the goodness, joy, freedom, success and abundance that is available?  Let go of resolutions and take ownership of your life and choices.   Here might be a different way to look at the word CLAIM.

Courage to say yes to the invitations, experiences and opportunities that are unexpected, outside your comfort zone and expansive.  Change is not comfortable but it can afford you encounters beyond anything you can imagine at this time.

Lean into the universal wisdom, your inner knowing, intuition and extraordinary gifts.  That means you have to take time to get still and learn to listen in a deeper way.

Accept what if happening without complaining, disconnecting or running away. What if this is the very thing you need, in this moment, to create an amazing experience?

Invest in your dreams.  Find a coach, teacher, healer, or counselor to assist you in moving to the next level.  If you keep trying to do it in your head or on your own you will get the same result.  Don’t let money deter you.  Spend your currency on making a better life.

Monitor your self-talk, unconscious behaviors and non-supportive beliefs.  Learn to re-create your life by puling out the roots of desperation and fear and planting seeds of harmony, health, wealth and grace.

I am not asking you do anything I would not do.  I am 100% committed to living a BIG life this year.  I am stepping out in unexpected and unconventional ways.  Please join me.  I know we can be change agents on this planet as we CLAIM our unique and powerful destinies.

Much love and light,